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Living Vegetarianism

Experience of people who made the choice

Vandana Madan, Teacher, Home Maker and Earth Lover

Vegetarianism is about making choices. Making choices is about who you are and what you believe in. It is never easy to give up what one has been used to for a large part of oneís life but often events and incidents can shift an individualís perspective to the opposite end of the spectrum.....>>>>>

Alpana, Mother, Clay Sculptor and Green Architect

About me, it was never hard to be a vegetarianÖas being a Jain; I have been a vegetarian since I was born! But, just the thought of breeding to kill and eat has always deterred me from even trying out non-Veg food when I was grown up! ....>>>>>

Aman Anand, Yoga Instructor, Dancer and Lover of Children

Itís been 4 years since i shifted from being a hard core non-vege to a pure vege (have stopped having eggs a few months back). And I have never looked back.....>>>>>

Usha Srinivasan, Mother, Environmentalist, Astronomer and Mathematician

Born and brought up in a conservative Brahmin family, vegetarian diet is the only diet that I knew of - that too sans garlic and onion.....>>>>>

Nandita Bose, Principal, Disciple, Mother and Dancer

Every time I eat an egg, I feel what would have happened if a giant had eaten up the egg that was to be me!....>>>>>