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Aman Anand, Yoga Instructor, Dancer and Lover of Children

It’s been 4 years since i shifted from being a hard core non-vege to a pure vege (have stopped having eggs a few months back). And I have never looked back.

I became vege coz something inside me said that when someone hurts us physically or mentally we scream and suffer because the excruciating pain we have to go through, and what happens to the poor animal who undergoes the same agony just because we need to satisfy our taste buds. I confess that chicken and meat do taste good but the my heart said that is it justifiable that we satisfy our pleasure at the cost of someone's life just because they can’t speak and would i have let anyone do that to me, of course I will fight for my own survival so why not a simple and easy step towards live and let live.

Also I feel that when we cut an animal or make it suffer in some ways, the emotions of those animals still remain in their cell which when consumed by us become a part of our own body, which is one of the main hindrances to a person's spiritual life.

Last week when i was at home with my family, we were watching a BBC movie which showed the hunting skills of different flesh eating animals, my sister(who is still a pure non-vege) was feeling bad about the small and poor animals being killed. I just told her that animals only work at their survival instinct and so they do not carry and compassion or heart for any other animal outside that herd. But if we look at today’s humans there is no difference between us and them and if we feel there has to be some difference why we still keep justifying our actions which are driven by desires and our animal instinct… (I wanted to leave her with that remark so that she deeply thinks about the difference and somehow decides to become a vege).

Thank you for reading this!