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Summer is a time of extreme heat, the urban landscape with its source of water from car wash and dripping taps dry out quickly. The birds find their regular watering holes absent so it is important to put out Bird Baths. This also gives an opportunity to observe their behavior . Its squirrels, pigeons, crows, mynahs, Bulbuls, Tailorbirds, Sunbirds that will make an appearance. However be ready to be surprised, you will never know who will come visiting.

When you want to add a Bird Bath.

a) Where to place

Birds prefer a safe place from cats so a Bird Bath on a open ground should be on a pedestal, it should be easily visible to birds if not you will be in for a disappointment of days of waiting. Also it should be in a well shaded place so that the water doesnít heat up. The right place will be accessed by birds maximum in three weeks.

b) What can you use

For our climate a earthen basin which you can easily source from nearby Saket(In case you are a resident of South Delhi) or any pottery shop is best, stays cool and light enough for frequent wash. If you donít want to buy try using stuff available at home, however too light a material like plastic might turnover and scare the birds. The depth of water should not be more than 2 to 3 inches. If its too deep the smaller birds will avoid taking a bath.

c) How to clean

Regular cleaning is good. In summer maximum once in every three days. Daily cleaning is best to avoid mosquito breeding. Just use some mud or scrub pad for rubbing off the dirt and rinse it off. See that every day it is filled, I fill water twice daily in summers.