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Padmavati Dwivedi
Founder & President

Humane Education Program
Be a Compassionate Citizen
The moral progress of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated
- Mahatma Gandhi
Children have a natural affinity towards animals. By encouraging them to learn and care for animals we develop in them a sense of responsibility, self esteem and innovative thinking towards problem solving.
Our Humane education program supported by PeTA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) encourages children to make responsible choices towards all living entities. Humane education does not mean animals are more important than people; rather, it is based on belief that showing kindness to animals and having empathy for people go hand in hand.
This programme is designed for use by school students who are of the age of 7 years and above. Our one hour session brings about the facets of being a compassionate citizen. The session also consists of a movie that with amazing animal footage, cartoons, topics for discussion and humor.
Session Details
Introduction - 10 Min
Movie Screening - 30 Min
Interaction with children - 15 Min
Participation Details
Requests by the Principal / Director of Schools needs to be sent to Compassionate Living by clicking here or telephone (9818746828) with confirmed dates.
Dates should take into consideration 2 weeks advance notice.
Infrastructure facility such as Projector / LCD to be provided by School.
This program does not entail any charges to be borne by the school.
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