From My Desk

Padmavati Dwivedi
Founder & Managing Trustee

Humane Connection

Our Trust is not about just doing kind deeds, it is the ‘living’ we emphasize on. Perhaps the reason why the most important change we like to see in our members is embracing vegetarianism.

It is indomitable task to be the change, there are lapses, sometimes a step backward may help in moving ahead. The true courage of each of us is in not giving up. This NGO believes in “ Vasudeva kutumbam” in one world, one family.

Compassionate Living therefore isn’t about how many lives we touch but how much are we touched while we go about this journey in life.

Our Objectives

This is but one example of how our individual choice impacts lives of both human and non human. The examples can be endless: use of plastic, cutting down forests, burning crackers, endless choices and infinite impact. Compassionate Living has following objectives:

1.Reverence to life through kindness & humane education 2. Promoting green living for sustainable environment 3. Spreading universal peace through spiritual growth